Catalogue - Household equipment

Mini-split systems

SINGLE ZONE air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. A broad array of models allows the perfect match of style and performance to any interior space

Equipment Cooper&Hunter - is, above all, reliable air conditioners, which have outstanding technical characteristics.

When you buy products, you can be sure that you will receive not only an energy-saving air conditioner, a high-quality humidifier and an air purifier or any other high-end climatic equipment, but also a combination of modern design with high innovative technologies that will be relevant in the near future.

The quality of C&H is ensured by the 100% control of components, careful adherence to the assembly technology and the mandatory testing of each model. Every new air conditioner, electric convector, air wash or cooler is checked before reaching the consumer.

Cooper&Hunter products are a guarantee of ecological cleanliness in your home. “Cold plasma” is installed in the air conditioners - it is an antibacterial filter in the air conditioner that cleans the air from all types of household air pollution: odors, allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria.

Equipment Cooper&Hunter is the leader in the “reliability” category, - air conditioners have been serving for decades, the failure statistics of no more than 2 failed per 1000 uninterruptedly operating systems. Climatic equipment: heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, Cooper&Hunter air conditioners can only be bought through professional companies and air condition equipment shops with trained consultants and technical staff.

Installation of air conditioners is made only by certified installers. The Cooper&Hunter service center in the capital and regions allows our users to be confident that the equipment purchased: split systems, ventilation systems, multi-zone systems, household air conditioners and commercial air conditioners are provided with warranty and service support, a full set of spare parts and consumables (filters, cartridges, remote controls and other accessories).

Quality air conditioners at the best price since 2001 attract the attention of the climate market. Due to the verified dealer policy that forms long-term relationships with professional partners.

The grateful users of Cooper&Hunter equipment in practice checked and confirmed the company's key slogan - “Cooper&Hunter is an air conditioner that does not break!”